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Welcome to Manor Primary School's Learning Platform

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26/05/2014 15:04

Learning Platform Charter & E-Safety Statement

All children and their carers have the right to use the Learning Platform and the responsibility to use it safely.

Before you can use the Learning Platform you are asked to read the Charter and agree to the following statements:

I will not write anything which hurts anyone or causes distress to another person.

I will not copy someone else's work or pretend I am someone else.

I will not share my username and password with anyone else.If something is written using my Learning Platform which causes distress to another person, I will be held responsible for it.

I will tell a teacher/member of staff if I read or view something which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I will not share any personal details such as my home address, phone number or email address. Children will use their school email address for all correspondence on the Learning Platform.

I will respect other people's opinions and beliefs, and use the Learning Platform responsibly.

I understand that by logging on to the Learning Platform I am agreeing to this Charter.

I understand that if I break this agreement my right to use the Learning Platform will be withdrawn.

21/11/2011 11:05

Keeping your child safe

Dear Parents

I am sure you will have heard about some of the problems that can arise when young people use the internet, problems such as bullying.

The internet is now part of everyday life so we cannot ignore it but at the same time, the school takes every precaution to ensure that your child is safe when using the internet at school.

In addition to taking our own precautions, we are aided by our colleagues in the SWGfL (who provide internet services to the school) and through them we liaise closely with the police in order to ensure that all children are as safe as possible when using the internet and email at school.

However, you will appreciate that your child can also be in danger when using the internet at home or in a friend's house. So, with this in mind, the Grid in conjunction with Insafe (Eurpoean Commissions Internet Safety Programme) has produced a Parents' Pack containing the most comprehensive guidance on internet safety.
The Toolkit link is on the top right of this page along with other links offering safety advice.

21/11/2011 11:05

What is a Learning Platform?

Virtually all schools now have networked broadband access which enables pupils and teachers to access information and resources within the school.

The challenge now is to extend the school's network so that it offers access to learning resources, online storage and tools for communication and management not just within school, but from outside it too, through a learning platform.

For pupils a large part of this will be their own personal 'e-portfolio'.

By 2010 every school should have a learning platform in place.

A learning platform brings together hardware, software and supporting services to enable more effective ways of working within and outside the classroom.

Learning platforms can vary considerably, but each should provide a range of ICT-based functions:

- enabling teaching staff to create and store resources which can be accessed online
- enabling access to pupil information and e-portfolios
- providing communication tools such as  email, messaging, discussion forums and blogs
- providing tools and storage to support assessment for learning, personalisation, lesson planning etc.

A learning platform is not a single product but a collection of tools that are designed to support teaching, learning, management and administration.
Information acquired from BECTA web site

06/11/2009 22:07

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